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Training and International Study Tours

Portfolio of training and study tour programmes organised for more than 18,800 participants worldwide.
Bespoke or off-the-shelf training programmes.
In-country and overseas training in over 42 different countries.
Overseas training organised in leading international centres of excellence.
Local training is based on internationally recognised certification.
Insightful and experiential overseas study visit learning programmes.
Benchmarked international standards.
Fully integrated one-stop logistics service and programme management.
Local and global programmes.
Capacity building is a core element of the overall development process. Capacity development programmes are delivered as short courses, workshops, and seminars, in both bespoke and off-the-shelf formats, supplemented with carefully orchestrated visits to public and private sector organisations, and discussions with experts and decision makers. Capacity development through training is an invaluable means of improving their performance and potential, with net benefits to their function. This may include short term training, study visits to relevant organisations or counterparts, awareness building and benchmarking standards and processes.

Through purpose-specific training and if required practicum study visits to public and private sector organisations, our client participants can develop significant insights which are both relevant and contextually appropriate. These programmes can be deployed for skills development, benchmarking, awareness building, introduction to new modalities, promotion of innovation, and improving inter-organisational linkages with t both the public and private sectors. TTT’s approach is that of the ‘one-stop-management’ to remove administrative burdens from the client, with TTT taking care of all the core services including needs analysis, programme development, programme delivery, and monitoring and reporting, as well as all support services such as international travel, accommodation, local transfers, living support, visas, insurance, and more.

For in-country training, we manage all the requirements from tailored or off-the-shelf certificated courses. Our experts are practitioner experts, and we also arrange for international experts for local in-country training.