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A portfolio of over 13,000 person-days of consulting in over 30 countries.
Focussing on enabling effective solutions for clients.
Process frames based on benchmarked best practices.
Assignment pathways with specialist experts.
Consulting at a global level since 1993, our strategy is simple – we help clients achieve their expectations and ensure seamless integration of the change process. These may be transformative changes through programmes or projects. Our implementation strategy is always based on keeping client needs at the forefront. The work is varied and extensive. Strategic planning and advice, capacity development, organisational change, policy support, planning, monitoring and evaluation deployment of other development efforts.

TTT’s scope covers many varied and different sectors, including agriculture, education, energy, the environment, natural resources, coastal management, disaster resilience, governance, leadership development, PPP, health, social services, poverty alleviation, telecommunications, information technology, trade, industry, transport, infrastructure, vocational training, rural development, urban development, water, sanitation and others

TTT recognises that critical to the success of any consultancy is understanding the unique contextual factors affecting change implementation. Only by working closely with the client and understanding their situation, their requirements, and their desired outcomes, can consultation be effective. Our experts execute solutions which are aimed at achieving the bottom-line successful results clients expect from their investments.